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At KBP Audit Services we understand the range of business issues and risks that need to be considered during any audit or assurance agreement.

Even with a breadth of experience behind us, we regard each engagement as unique. We carefully examine all factors, compliance and risks and provide detailed advice and guidance throughout the engagement. Each professional engagement undertaken by us is free of any conflict of interest as we only provide audit and audit-related services.

Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Audits

SMSF Audits: Keep Your Retirement Savings On Track

Company Audits

Audits verify financial accuracy,
compliance, and bolster stakeholder

Franchise solvency audits

Secure your franchise’s finances with a solvency audit. Create a tailored success strategy. Contact us today.

QBCC Retention Trust account audits

QBCC trust account audits ensure compliance with regulations and proper management of funds held in trust accounts.

School and Not For Profit P & C Audits

Manage finances easily. We evaluate accuracy, transparency, and best practices. Improve reputation and secure funding opportunities. Schedule a financial review.

Outgoings Audits

Outgoings audits ensure accurate charges to tenants, protecting property owners’ assets and reputation. They facilitate communication between landlords and tenants.

Turnover audits

Turnover audits verify records, identify inefficiencies, and prevent fraud. They enhance profitability and comply with legal requirements.

Real Estate and Solicitor Trust Account Audits

Safeguard Property Transactions with Trust Account Audits.

Australian Financial Services License Audits (AFSL audits)

Audit Ensuring Australian Financial Compliance.

Grant Audits

Grant audits involve reviewing and verifying financial statements of organizations receiving grants. The audits ensure compliance with funding regulations and effective use of funds.

Due Diligence Services

Thoroughly Analyze Potential Investments: Due Diligence Services for Comprehensive Risk Assessment

We work with a range of clients in various sectors. Clubs and associations requiring compliance with state and/or federal legislation, self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) requiring annual audits under the SIS legislation to special audits for business owners for a particular area within their organisation due to concerns over productivity, efficiency, procedural matters or employee honesty.

Advantages of using us for your Auditing needs

A Registered Company Auditor

Our professional accountants are ACCA members with rigorous training. They deliver accurate audits, well-versed in industry trends and regulations. Our team takes pride in producing trustworthy, high-quality audits to meet the highest auditing standards. Rest assured, as our client, you will receive comprehensive and reliable auditing services giving you peace of mind and facilitating informed business decisions. Trust our team of auditors with your audit experience.

Independent Advice

We prioritize independence and ethical standards, and have implemented policies to ensure this. We value objectivity and impartiality in our work, and adhere to professional and ethical standards. Stakeholders can trust our unbiased and accurate services, and we continuously refine our policies to operate at the highest level.

Timely Deliverables and Lodgements

Our team maintains a schedule of deadlines for interim and annual visits. This is to ensure that early detection and reporting of irregularities can be made to the trustees. It also allows for the trust account to be kept according to the trust legislation so as to protect the rights and entitlements of consumers and to educate licensees of their responsibilities.

Additional Added Value

Individuals and organizations should prioritize continuous education and support to manage compliance issues and stay updated with the latest laws and regulations. This proactive approach results in smooth operations, builds a culture of compliance, and minimizes risks and penalties. Ongoing education and support help keep individuals and entities dependable and responsible, which is highly valued in today’s competitive market. It is a crucial investment to safeguard oneself and one’s organization’s best interests.

On Site Visits

We offer mobile service for your convenience. We will come to your preferred location so you don’t have to visit us. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and make your experience with us hassle-free. Thank you for choosing our company.

A Fixed Quote

We provide transparent pricing by giving a detailed estimate before starting any project. It includes materials, labor and any extra factors. This ensures no unexpected bills or surprises. We guarantee a fair and accurate estimate that covers the entire scope of the work required, giving you the knowledge to make informed decisions.

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At KBP Audit Services we understand the range of business issues and
risks that need to be considered during any audit or assurance agreement.

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